What We Do

We have various applications and systems in place that allows us to offer YOU, the customer, the best support available. Our expertise and unwavering attention to excellence provides you with high speed data capturing facilities for registration, attendance registers, examinations and a host of other applications.

We offer a large array of services which work in unison to provide high speed data capturing facilities for registration, attendance registers and examinations.

From setting up your database to transfer into your system, writing decodes, scanner preventative maintenance to “cleaning up” data, there is nothing we cannot and won’t do to ensure you peace of mind and the best possible service available.

We’ve broken down what we do further:



Free State Business Products works from your concept and/or requirements to produce the most appropriate layout for your forms. These forms may include Optical Mark Recognition applications (OMR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities. If you’re completely confused click our Frequently Asked Questions tab at the top of the page for a break down on OMR, ICR and OCR.



Forms can be printed single, double-sided or in a booklet format, with or without spot colours and/or variable data. Our printing can be done on roll and sheet-fed lithographic presses which print sizes ranging from A5 to A2.


Over Printing

On occasion variable data such as barcodes, text and numbers are required on your documents. Free State Business Products offer an over printing service. Our quality assurance processes which are supported by our software-driven packing system ensure that overprinted materials maintain a strict sequence with no missing or duplicate information.



Options on offer include: continuous forms, folding, collation, padding and booklets with stitching, perfect-binding or wire-comb binding. Free State Business Products can also offer additional packing options such as heat-shrink wrapping and poly-film wrapping. All packaging, including pads, boxes and pallets, can be clearly labelled to identify the contents.



Our applications also have the ability to accurately scan and capture photographs and other graphical images in real-time.


Edit from Images

Because Free State Business Products can offer real time image capturing it is possible to provide the capability to edit data from an image. With the ability to import these images into Open Data Base software, the data can be edited on screen. The benefit of this process is that multiple checks for duplication, incorrect information (verified against valid data such as student numbers, ID or Unique Personal numbers) or missing and/or multiple marks can be done.


Secure Document Solutions

Free State Business Products is able to print variable data on to pre-printed forms such as statements, accounts, pay slips and notices to clients. The packaging of these statements, accounts, pay slips or notices is possible using envelopes, which may include inserts such as advertisements  and wrapped with a plastic wrapper for protection against the weather like water. Free State Business Products supports bulk postage applications and assists the client to ensure the post is sorted according to specified criteria and qualify for any possible rebates.